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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

Lecture 1: 2013/01/08 Questions of the day - Why take an introduction to personality course?  All of us are naturally interested in processing information and analyzing about personality. Human brain has developed specifically process social information. They are efficient, quick, and accurate.  Also we are naturally do is reflect our own personality.  Natural to be interested in personality concepts and processes related to personality. - What can we learn about personality from Furby?  Human like toy, and has aspects of personality  Designed to have 5 different personality (Sassy Diva, Cutie-pie, Valley Girl, Crazy person, Evil burping guy)  How can you get this robot to show you distinct personality? How does it display its personality?  What it says, how it says it, movements, eye expression (LED EYES), certain bodily functions, and social interactions between Ferbies  Ferby has dislikes and likes. Likes and dislikes display our personality  Most special thing is that you can engage process with your Ferby where you actually try to act on it, so that it changes or sustain personality. (Ex. Igonre – Evil Burping guy)  It does communicate personality and allow you to have impact on personality  Based on definition of personality, Ferby fails. Too many of them, and shits too suddenly. - What can we learn about personality from graphology?  People think they can reveal personality from hand-writing  Personality is fairly stable but most of us are aware of acting differently with different groups of people or even different individuals. (Ex. Prof did research in McGill with different groups of students from different heritage cultures. Focused on different cultures might make students chameleon. Different acts when you are with your family or when you are with your friends. All of us have some capacity to change our behavior depending on situation. However, when there are too much changes or radical changes, you wonder what the real personality is. Students were worried what their real personality is.)  In Europe, hand-writing analysis is quite popular.  Companies use hand-writing analysis to hire people (Can get accurate picture of person)  Fundamental question we have about personality, whether some of is hidden or whether some of is detected without notice  When you write freely, your true personality will come out  When you analyze, you should have standard sample. If you are printing, you probably focus on accuracy.  4 things that we can analyze through the hand-writing  Celebrity tends to have large size of letters  1200 traits that can be inferred from hand-writing  You can generate all these descriptions of your personality.  How would you test this is a valid way of assessing traits?  Most personality studies are correlational  Really surprising about the hand-writing analysis is that some of the studies showing that if I train someone to write differently, it changes personality of the person.  Access personality with hand-writing analysis vs other kinds of personality assessment (meta- analysis)  No accuracy, no correlational. Conclusion of leading researcher: “It’s very seductive because at a very crude level someone who is neat and well-behaved tends to have neat hand-writing. But the practice of graphol
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