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Lecture 13

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

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Lecture 13: 2013/02/19 Questions of the day: 1) Faking it to make it? 2) Is it possible for an introvert to behave like an extrovert? 3) Is it a good idea to try to appear extroverted if you are actually shy? - We can do that if high self-monitoring. Also Amy Cuddy suggests that there is strategy to prepare ourselves more assertive part of Extroversion. We can free our traits but difficult process. 4) How does shyness change across roles or partners and what accounts of the variation? It is possible to act out outside of our biological/cultural traits 1. If it is connected to personal project 2. If there is plan to restore ourselves. 3. If high self-monitoring An interesting study: Lippa 1976 - Darryl Bem did study on how consistent are we and how we might be more consistent on our traits that are important to us. - He followed up participants of Bem 1974 study on consistency of behavior - He knew subjects standing on friendliness/extroversion  Self-report, friend-report, behavioral observation, parent-report  To put people in introversion/extroversion scale th - Cover story: Teaching high school student (2 minutes lesson about triangles to 7 graders)  Filmed and blind coders rated verbal and nonverbal behavior  Natural, Extrovert (projective voice, eye contact, more spaces, more stride length, etc.), Introvert  Also measured self-monitoring (Expressive control; low and high) - Also asked participants to act as introverts or extroverts and teach the same material before  Blind coders did not know whether they were coding introverts or extroverts - RESULTS  Nothing surprise, previously identified as extroverts were rated significantly higher extroverted behavior. (E: 4.3, I: 3.5)  But when introverts were asked to behave like extroverts, are they able to do it?  This depends on whether they are low/high on self-monitoring  Low self-monitors, you can act little different but not that differ (Be an I: 3.3, Be an E:4.0)  High self-monitors, much more gap (Be an I: 3.0, Be an E: 5.0). When they were asked to act as introverts, they can lower grading more.  Introverts can represent themselves as extroverts when they are high in self-monitoring Evidence forAmy Cuddy Perspective - Describe 2010 study:  26 females, 16 males  Random assignment to low vs high power pose
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