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Lecture 14

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

Lecture 14 20130226 Questions of the day Only one first level of personality the big 5 traits 1 Why are siblings personalities so different 2 reasons genetic influences nonshared environment2 What role do genetics play in the development of personality traits 3 What aspects of the environment are important in the development of personality traitsMostly similarities between physical characteristics and dissimilarities between personality characteristicsRichard vs Roland Early indicator of personality early temperament is considered to be inborn Easy to socialize vs difficult to socialize Neuroticism RichardRolandExtraversion RichardRoland Openness RichardRolandAgreeableness RichardRolandConscientiousness RichardRoland Internal Locus of control RichardRoland Cognitive construct that whether you believe there is relationship between your behavior and reinforcementIf you have ILC you believe what you do actually influence whether goodbad things happen If you ELC you believe what you do dont influence believe chances Heritability Quotient An estimate of the proportion of variability in a given characteristic that can be attributed to genetic differences between people Methods to explore heritability estimates for personality traits Twin studies Fraternal twins DZ share 50 not different from siblings ONLY USE SAMESEX Identical twins MZ share 100 They can be looked different because of environmental effectIf gene is playing role in personality MZ has twice chance of similar personality
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