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Lecture 18

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

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Lecture 18: 2013/03/19 Questions of the day: 1) How do you measure generativity in midlife? - 3 components 2) Why is generativity important? - Clearly related to parenting, social activity and well-being Each stage has virtue that one earns as result of resolution 1. Trust (Hopefulness) 4. Industry (Competence) 5. Identity (fidelity toward your commitment) 6. Intimacy (Love) 7. Generativity (Caring) Generativity - They start to become aware that the life is finite and they will die someday - Realize some of ambition and goals are not reachable. Therefore, rather focusing on what you cannot accomplish, it is natural to shift your focus - We start thinking about what we can pass on to next generation - There is no difference in generativity between person who has child and who does not r - Is about creativity, teaching, mentoring, leaving something for next generation Example: Creative Energy vs Stagnation - Reconnection with high school friend after 30 years - Prof’s friend  Taking picture with bunch of people McAdams Model of Generativity - It’s come from within the person and from our social surroundings - Within the person  After we’ve worked through identity and intimacy - Social surroundings  Norms and expectation to help others  Belief in the species: Pessimisive people will not take action because they think there is no future, hope to human nature in this planet. Therefore, only people with confidence about the future will take action - Life story and identity  Most of our life stories centers on the age of 18-30 (Identity and Intimacy)  However, generativty can come into the story Measurement of Generativity - Not measured with interview - Measured by self-report - 3 different measures that are put together (Multi-component measure)  Concerns, Actions, Commitment Lists of items Ask to list items (20 vs 40) Strivings for 20 years old and 40 years old are different - As expected, for general concerns and actions, Age 37-42 has the highest number - However, the researchers were surprised that Age 67-72 has the highest number on generative strivings  In modern industrial society, generative stages have been extended - Overall, it suggests that generativty is something that picks during midlife Research on Individual Differences in Generativity - Focuses on 3 different outcomes  Parenting  Social Involvement 
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