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Lecture 17

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

Lecture 17: 2013/03/14 Questions of the day: 1) How do you know if you have achieved an identity? 2) Does it make a difference whether you achieve an identity? Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages - Conflict or crisis we have to work through - We are not necessarily aware of this conflict/crisis - Reason why identity becomes issue during late adolescence/young adulthood  Physical changes (hormones, impulses, etc.)  Cognitive ability ( complex, introspection occurs)  Social pressure (parents, teachers expect you to be thinking about what you want to be) James Marcia Research Approach - Interview to assess whether someone is working on question of identity and what kind of progress they are making - Identity formation consists of  Exploration: genuinely looking at and experimenting with alternative beliefs and directions  Commitment: choosing to pursue certain roles and outlooks that define how you see yourself fitting into adult world - Focus on 2 crucial areas  Occupational goals  Personal Ideology (Religious and political) - Identity status categories (4 categories)  There is developmental progression (1->2->3->4)  Foreclosure is most rigid and unchangeable. People in this stage often don’t change unless dramatic events happen to them  Key features (Unstable)  Diffusion: Alienated and isolated; distant from parents  Short interview, not happy  Foreclosure: Goal-directed, very close to family, choose similar friends,  Looks perfect, outstanding  but no depth to their decision  Moratorium: Preoccupied and struggling; marked ambivalence toward parents  Using interview as counseling session. Neurotic . They don’t know who they are but they know that they don’t know and they are working on it to figure it out  Have romantic relationship but brief and intense. It’s hard to maintain  Achievement: Trust themselves; able t
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