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PSYC 332 Personality - Lecture 3

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

PSYC 332L3thTuesday 14 January 2014Clara PhiriQuestions of this Course1What is the most useful and economical way to organize our personality judgements The Big 5 trait dimension2What do we need to know about a person to know them wellArticle by Dan McAdams about the different kinds of information we would want to know such as attachment style and motivation to get to know a person3How much do people change in their personality over their life4How does personality affect what happens in our lifeRelationshipsOccupational successQuestion of the Day1How useful are the Big 5 traitsaIn predicting important life outcomesbIn fostering the scientific study of personalitycIn your own everyday lifeThe Big Five Trait TaxonomyExtraversion tendency to be outgoing sociable and assertiveNeuroticism tendency to experience negative emotionOpenness to Experience tendency to be receptive to new ideas approaches and experiencesAgreeableness tendency to have concern for others to have warm and trusting sentiments
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