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Lecture 14

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PSYC 333
Jennifer Bartz

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PSYC333 Lecture 14 - Mar. 13 Killing Us Softly 4 Objectification Theory - Frederickson & Roberts: • American culture socializes women to adopt observers’ perspectives of their physical selves • Self-objectification (appearance monitoring): • Body shame → Restrained eating • Consumed attentional resources → diminished mental performance “That Swimsuit Becomes You” - Frederickson et al: • Study 1 72 females • • Trait self-objectification (concern with appearance) • Study on “emotions and consumer behaviour” • Evaluate scent, clothing and food • Manipulate state self-objectification: • Try on swimsuit • Try on sweater • Alone in a dressing room with a full length mirror • “Evaluate the clothing as if you were on an actual shopping trip, deciding whether or not to purchase it” • Measured body shame (while wearing garment) • “Taste test” sampling cookies and drink ← • Results: Ps who were high in trait self-objectification who were in the swimsuit condition experienced • significantly more body shame then the other Ps • Ps who ate all the cookie (no restraint group), Ps
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