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Lecture 14

PSYC 333 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Graduate Management Admission Test, Killing Us Softly

Course Code
PSYC 333
Jennifer Bartz

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PSYC333 Lecture 14 - Mar. 13
Killing Us Softly 4
Objectification Theory - Frederickson & Roberts:
American culture socializes women to adopt observers’ perspectives of their physical selves
Self-objectification (appearance monitoring):
Body shame Restrained eating
Consumed attentional resources diminished mental performance
“That Swimsuit Becomes You” - Frederickson et al:
Study 1
72 females
Trait self-objectification (concern with appearance)
Study on “emotions and consumer behaviour”
Evaluate scent, clothing and food
Manipulate state self-objectification:
Try on swimsuit
Try on sweater
Alone in a dressing room with a full length mirror
“Evaluate the clothing as if you were on an actual shopping trip, deciding whether or not to
purchase it”
Measured body shame (while wearing garment)
Taste test” sampling cookies and drink
Ps who were high in trait self-objectification who were in the swimsuit condition experienced
significantly more body shame then the other Ps
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