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Lecture 18

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PSYC 342
Jens C Pruessner

PSYC 342 Lecture 18 - Mar. 27 Stress and Health: • Known disparity between men and women in stress-related disease • Lifetime prevalence of depression is 21% for women, and 13% for men • Trend for opposite effect can be observed for hypertension • Many of these differences can be linked to the metabolic effects of stress • Systematic difference in the way that women and men respond to stress • Are these sex- or gender effects? Sex Effects: Menstrual Cycle: ACTH Sex Effects: Menstrual Cycle: Port Sex Effects: Menstrual Cycle: Cort Interaction with Hormonal Variation: Conclusion: Hormonal changes can significantly affect the cortisol stress response: a sex effect • Gender Effects: Effects of Social Support on the Cortisol Stress Response Gender Effects: Responses to an Achievement Stressor Gender Effects: Responses to a Social Rejection Stressor Conclusion: Context variables and the type of stress affect significantly the magnitude of the stress response: A gender effect • • Is the socialization responsible for these d
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