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PSYC 342
Jens C Pruessner

PSYC 342 Lecture 1 - Jan. 10 Introduction: Comments on Academia: • University education enables you to enter Academia • Done mostly by teaching you knowledge • However, little emphasis on meta-knowledge (teaching how to teach, or learning how to learn…) • One goal for this class: Making you understand the scientific process How Do You Become a Scientist? • Finish your university degree • Typically requires a Ph.D to become a scientist • Masters degree demonstrates that you can conduct research that was assigned to you by your su- pervisor. Ph.D must show that you can come up with original research • Ph.D, M.D., Psy.D., are the three ‘Doctors’ that qualify you as a ‘scientist’ In science, for scientists, it’s all about publications • • You either ‘publish or perish’ • Basic content in scientific paper includes, methods component, results, hypothesis, etc. Journal Publications: • The Journal Impact factor Tells you about how prestigious or high-quality a journal is • • How many times an article will get cited
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