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Lecture 3

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PSYC 342
Jens C Pruessner

PSYC342 Lecture 3 - Jan. 17 CNS: Overview • Terminology in the Brain • Classifications and Structures • Three different communication systems • The nervous system • The endocrine system • The immune system Terminology in the Brain: • Anterior - Posterior • Superior - Inferior • Lateral - Medial • Rostral - Caudal • Dorsal - Ventral • Sagittal • Coronal • Horizontal Classification of the NS: Organization of the Nervous System: Somatic Nervous System: • Sends sensory information to CNS for processing • Sends messages from CNS to muscles to direct motion Autonomic Nervous System: • Controls activities normally outside of conscious control • Two subsystems: • Sympathetic nervous system • Parasympathetic nervous system The Spinal Cord: • Receives signals from the senses and relays them to the brain • Neurons in the spinal cord also carries signals downward from the brain to the muscles • Cells of the spinal cord can direct simple behaviours - reflex provides speed to escape further harm • Sensory neurons are called afferent neurons • Motor neurons are called efferent neurons Major Structures of the Brain: • Cerebral cortex is the most developed part of the brain; makes Within the CNS: The Limbic System • Papex and MacLean coined the Limbic system as the ‘upper loop’ • Amygdala - deals with emotions • Hippocampus - deals with memory • Cingulate cortex - cognitive processes • Fornix • Mammillary bodies • Septum • Thalamus is first receiving point of sensory information. Emotions are related to memory, thus they initiate responses which are timely (i.e. Fear to induce fast response) Within the CNS: The Cerebral Cortex • Frontal, Temporal, Parietal and Occipital lobes Two types of cells: • • Glia - supporting cells • Neurons (different types) • About 100 billion neurons in the brain (!!!)
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