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Lecture 1

PSYC 342 Lecture 1: PSYC 342 - Lecture 1

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PSYC 342
Anne Alma

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PSYC 342 Week 1 Housekeeping: Midterm February 12th during class time Buy course pack from book store Readings are important but focus on parts talked about in lecture Readings before lecture Multiple choice + fill in the blank + essay questions Written assignment Sign Up for choice before January 31st Assignment due the 6th of April For assignment details see powerpoint lecture 1 Review of the CNS: 1) Terminology in the brain Anatomical directions In animals quick resume: Rostral is the front of the animal Caudal is the back of the animal Dorsal is towards the back Ventral towards the belly Lateral towards the side Medial towards the midline Occipital lobe is caudal - For the top of the body it is like for animals - For the bottom half of the body terminology treats us like we are on all fours - Same orientation applies for the brain but for lower half it gets a bit more confusing Example: ALL the info is processed in the visual system is processed by the contralateral side of the brain. Planes of Section: There are different ways of slicing the brain. Basic Anatomy: The meninges: Dura mater help protect from injury Underneath the Duramater, we have the Arachnoid that connects the Dura mater to the pia mater (spongy like structure) Pia mater thin surface that protects the brain The arachnoid holds the Dura and the Pia mater In the PNS , we lose the arachnoid mater but we still have 2 layers , Duramater and Pia Mater Circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid Four spaces filled with CSF in the brain CSF circulates around the brain and also circulates through the end of the spinal cord and comes back up to the brain The CSF circulates in the subarachnoid space
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