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Lecture 4

PSYC 342 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Oligopoly, Industrial RevolutionPremium

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PSYC 342
Anne Alma

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Peter Baskerville
Entrepreneurship and the family compact
- Toronto elite holding onto power
- Conservative entrepreneurship among the Toronto elites
- Toronto charters bank, but against speculative investments
Ian McKay
Capital and labour in the Halifax baking and confectionary industry
- Bakers, small bakeries, large bread factories
- Labour relations, small bakers are also capitalists, craftsmen, journeymen, factory
workers not same labour class
- Co-existence of different phases of capitalism
Andrew Smith
Continental Divide: the Canadian banking and currency laws of 1871
- Impact of banking laws on development of Canadian finance
- Conservatism of Canadian banking
- Leads to oligopoly
- Compare to US where banking is more much competitive
Bettina Bradbury
Property and marriage: the law and the practice in early nineteenth-century Montreal
- Marriage contracts for property arrangement
- Different modes of marriage
- Woe’s property rights
Robert Kristofferson
Craftorkers ad Caada’s first idustrial reolutio
- First industrial revolution in Hamilton
- Co-existence of craftworkers and factory workers
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