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PSYC 403
Zbigniew Pleszewski

Sept 6 - there are many causes of one effect - Aristotle posited this S- Stimulus A- Antecedent Experience V- Visceroception (conscious and unconscious stimuli produced by your brain) P- Personality - when we are talking about behavior, we consider two types of it: behavior is a single reaction (R1, R2, Rn etc) - eg. you greet me on the street, I'm not sure if you're my student or a patient from the Douglas hospital. if I recognize you, then there would be a different response. it doesn't mean that there will always be the same response {and if you're a hottie, then my response will probably be a pervy one, because I appear to be the king of awkward sexual humor} R1 = f (S, A, V, P) - Behavioral style on the other hand is something that holds across many situations - eg. if I'm very shy, I won't start a lot of conversation no matter what kind of stimuli is confronting me. {no, seriously, don't try to stimulate me in /any/ way. ;)} B = f (P) - if you know a person, then you might predict based on R, though this is difficult for people who don't know you very well. R is much more complicated than B - you would behave differently coming from a funeral and coming from a garden party - you might produce the antecedent behavior by giving sintructions to modify a person's mood - injected adrenaline into patients and then half of the patients were given angering stimuli and the other half were given fear-inducing stimuli, which caused them to have different reactions {note to self: aquire epipens en masse, repeat experiment with funner stim} - if you're sore from exercising or you have a cold, this will change your responses to stimuli - Ontology: what is real, matter or mind? - what is the nature of reality - what is real, what is an illusion - are there several realities, or is this the only one? - is there one universe or many, and how do they co-exist? - to exist means to be a matter, spirit, mind, energy, idea, memory or ...? - does sensory perception make sense? - Ernst Mach vs Dimitri mendeleyev: debate whether the atom exists - believing in atoms is a science fiction {though orson scott card'd be offended} - Skinner said the same thing about the psyche (you can't touch it, you can't see it, you can't do anything with it, so you should abandon it) - later, proof was provided for the existence of atoms - we look at the light spectrum to emphasize that there are loads of kinds of light that aren't visible to the human eye - the remaining elements of the human spectrum are visible to other apparatus - Röntgen discovered the x-ray Monism: there is only one reality - which one it is
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