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PSYC 403
Zbigniew Pleszewski

Sept 13 - Monism correction > the whole universe is material and spiritual, depending on where you see it from (Spinoza) - modern interpretation of double aspectism: sodium potassium pump - the impulse is going, it's purely material - as a psychologist, we might ignore this aspect of an NaK pump and all these scientific changes. we might approach the same process as a psychologist, uncaring about the voltage/amperage and more interested in what kind of information is passing through - a spy would approach a telephone wire from a different perspective than a technician - Pluralism: Attributative pluralism = two or more realities accepted - Descartes suggested two, but there could be as many realities as there are labels for them (concepts) - some of them, you can't see/touch - the ancient philosophers debated "what is the sense of reality?" is it the input? (tactile/visual/audio)? but things that we don't see can exist - Old Babylonia: Hammurabi Clan - the antagonized Mesopotamian clans and cities united by the Hammurabi dynasty as the Old Babylonia - the king was very tyrannical/brutal, invading and conquering Syranian and Serconian cities - the publically proclaimed his Code: a draconian civil and criminal law carved as a cuneiform text upon a stone monument for everyone to see - Hammurabi pretended that the stone came from teh code of justice (like Abraham?) - the penalty for most things was death - if a free man killed a slave, he'd have to pay a penalty but he wouldn't be killed - so there was kind of a double standard, since it depended who you were - Abraham, probably from a lower mesopotamian city who travelled up through Egypt - Hebrews = the wanderers/nomads - Abram - son of a Semetic clan of Ur - moves to Canaan and Egypt in 2100 BC - In Hebron: tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca - His grandson Jacob, called Israel. the isrealites residing in Egypt were prosperous and protected by the Hyksos (Semetic) dynasty. Moses, an Isrealite, was adopted by the pharaoh's daughter - under Ramses the second, the Isrealites were turned into slaves - Exodus of Isrealites, led by Moses ca. 1450 - at Mt. Sinai, God reveals to Mosus the moral code, (the 10 commandments/decalogue) - people used to speak both Hebrew and Aramaic - 165 BC: Hellenization of the Jews imposed by Antiochus IV. Maccabean Revols - AD. 0 Jesus Christ was born - AD. 33 Jesus Christ crucified - AD 73 Jewish rebellion, Masada - AD. 132 2nd rebellion Jewish Culture - Monotheism: one God, the Lord, caring and loving Father who demands obedience and love - only three religions were monotheic - rules of divine law (Decalogue); meritocratic religious leaders (Patriarchs) - Tribal solidarity, respect for elders, family, tradition - care for children, but severe discipline (modelled after how God acts) - Judeo-Christian mentality: fear of sins, guilt, responsability, humility, hope/belief in eternity - some historians suggest that there was infanticide Egyptians - Polytheism: the names of the deities differed in dynasties and cities - a very anthropomorphic view of deities (viewed as humans/mixes of humans and animals) - Belief in the afterlife: moral conduct in life and the body's preparation for eternity: mummification, tombs, pyramids - the heart: the habitat of the soul and the organ of moral behaviour - incestusous royal marriages: genetic/mental degradation - they used to take cockroaches with them when they moved house, because the cockroaches cleaned things off their floor - you had to be good because otherwise you'd suffer in the afterlife (you
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