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PSYC 412
Melanie Dirks

PSYC 412 Developmental Psychopathology Professor Melanie Dirks melaniedirksmcgillca Lecture Notes TTH 16h0517h2501102012 Where to Find Answers to Frequently Asked QuestionsWhen is the inclass examHow many questions are on the examWhat chapters do we have to readSyllabusWebCT o Check FAQs page update daily o Check lecture notesLearning ObjectivesBroadly define and classify abnormal behavior in youth according to categorical and dimensional systemsDiscuss developmental trends in the onset course and form of psychopathology in youthDiscuss etiological and maintenance models of major psychological disorders of youthDescribe the diathesisstress model and apply this general conceptual framework to the major psychological disorders of youthDefine evidencebased treatment in youth mental health and evaluate whether specific therapies meet these criteria for scientific supportTextbook th Mash EJWolfe DA 2008 Abnormal child psychology 4 ed Belmont CA WadsworthSchedule of TopicsResearch Methods and AssessmentADHDDisruptive BehaviorAnxietyEating DisordersMood Disorders 3 lectures on depressionMental RetardationAutismDissemination and PreventionGradingInclass exam 40 eachMarch 6th o Make up exam given in class time one week later1 final exam 60Exams will consist of multiplechoice questionsTwo optional papers o 10 of grade in class exam would count 30 paper would count 10information posted about writing the paper will be posted on WebCTExam PoliciesPrior to exam o Review sessions on WebCT prior to exam o Lecture slides posted o Remember only one time for makeup exam no reschedulingAfter the exam o Grades posted o May review test during exam review o Challenge policyGeneral Course PoliciesConfidentiality and respect can be personal for a lot of people so be careful what questions you ask o Clinical material o Atmosphere of learning environmentEmpiricism o Use of scientific methods o Applied to issues of personal and public health significanceGeneral Structure of LecturesDefinition of disorder o What is the problem o How do we diagnose and measure itHow do I capture the disorder and help the person that is strugglingEpidemiology o How common is it Or is it relatively rare o How does the problem vary across the population Eg Do people grow out of a particular problemTheories of etiology and maintenance o What causes this problem o What keeps it goingPrevention and treatment o How can we helpDevelopmental PsychopathologyWhat is abnormal behavior in youth o Abnormal yes or no o Normal development as a useful benchmark o The scope of the problemModels of etiology and maintenanceWorrying about your futureonly if you do it all the timeEating spidersdepends on the cultureAbnormal It dependsAbnormal Behavior Yes or NoNorm Violationall societies are governed by a certain form of norms Are we doing something that be dont usually doStatistical RarityEx Charlie Numbers tv showHigh IQ 180 very rare for someone to have that high of an IQHes not suffering any challenges by having a very high IQEx Sheldon Big Bang TheoryHe is limited based on his high IQAbnormal Behavior Yes or No 1 Norm Violation 2 Statistical Rarity 3 Personal Discomfort Is it causing discomfort to the person a For kids not only discomfort for them but people around them 4 Maladaptive Behaviora Ex Sheldoninterferes with his social life quits his job at one point 5 Deviation from an Ideal a If youre not at the ideal than thats not normal b Helps parents intuitively to operateAre Parents Pushing Kids Too Hard
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