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PSYC 436 Lecture Notes - Hysterectomy, Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, Oophorectomy

Course Code
PSYC 436
Irving Binik

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MT review sessions posted on WebCT
40 MCQs (½ readings, ½ lectures)
oUsually 1 question on each reading
oDivided btwn 2 rooms
Rodent Sex
Where was desire in this? Repetitive behavior, male ejaculation (are they rudimentary
to compare them to humans?)
Rodent lab sex is artificial but useful?
oSpace – female controls the pace of sex, and when given the control will get
away (how much will she get away?) measure how much she spends on
one side vs. another
oOestrus is induced – receptivity in response to the females; females are
oIn wild rats, mate with many females
Behaviors (sniffing, presenting/solicitation, crouching, lordosis, pacing, running
away, darting, etc.)
Appetitive vs. Consummatory Behaviors
Female control or pacing
Differences between mice & rats
oMice take much longer/more foreplay more intromissions, fewer ejaculations
Other paradigms
oSkinner Box
oBarrier crossing
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What makes for a Good Animal Model?
oBehaviour doesn't have to be identical, but the fact that the behavioral
similarity isn’t there doesn’t mean that the part of the brain that functions that
is the same
oIf an animal is willing to work for it, then there is a sense of pleasure they
receive from that
Indices of Desire (Beck & Bozeman, 1991)
All is fueled by low desire
How much is normal desire?
Research (Hormones & Desire)
Most active field of research today – why?
oWith respect to women and desire
o“Form of chemical messenger which typically travels from cell of origin to its
target cell via the blood stream”
Hormonal Influences on Sex
oOrganizing = the presence of particular hormone at a time of development,
dramatically influence sexual development
oActivating = more or less of a particular hormone will potentially increase or
decrease hormonal behavior
3 types of studies on hormones & sex
oSurgical (e.g., castration, oophorectomy)
oChemical manipulation (anti-androgens, birth control pills)
oMonitoring (developmental)
Are androgens the hormones of desire for women?
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