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Lecture notes up until and including September 20th 2011

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PSYC 436
Irving Binik

c fn9nfn,c O 9nnffnf O Jf 4 -nfn a @fnff fff n 4 4 cnffnfn a ,fffnfffnn nffn nff#fnnn 4 cf 4 ^ff#f cffc$n O cnfnnf O cf ff#ffnfff nfn O ff O fn# nff nnf O -nfnnfff O fn& O @fnfffn 4 ff#fnnfn Jfc O f9ff(& 4 fn ffffn#f fffff a fnf O Jf 4 O ^n 4 9nfnfn fffff ffnf a ,f O fff^ 4 fnfn O ffffnf 4 (ff O fffff O Jfff 4 [email protected] a ^f ffnf O ^fnf 4 cnn nff+, 4 n++ a D nc O cfff^ffff n O cnJf 4 ffnfnn fnn a c ffn$ cf-f O cfnffffnf fff#f [email protected]^@&fc O [email protected]& 4 f O fnf& 4 Jf # ffff fffff n -ccf O - fffff f O ff 4 f & 4 nf.f O 9 4 Jffnfnf nffnn f f n 4 , f 4 9nf O 9f9 4 f9f ffnffn 4 fffnfffn a 9fnnn/ffJf nfffffnn O n-ff 4 cffnf- ff&n a - ff 4 ffff 4 fff a @f a cfnf O ^nff#ff nnn a ffnf O -fnf 4 f a ,nff# ff O ofn#[email protected]& a 9fn a f ffffff nf &fff a ^ nnnfffn fnf a nff ff a fn O n/ffn a c #fnnff a Iff 4 nf- a ^ a c #fnfnnf a cfffn a 9fffnnf a ^#fnnfn a cc O ^@ffnnffnfn O fnfn 4 Iff 4 #fff 4 ffnf/f 4 ff f# 4 fnnffnf a ^f.nfn 4 ffff nfnfnf fffff fnf ffnf nffn 4 #If1 n a ^ff O JffJffnfn nff f 4 fff ff f a Dnfff# a 9f2 n O Jfnff# ff f 4 nnff#fn a ffn O ^# 4 o-f#0 O 9fnffnf#f/ 3 O f 4 ,ffnf 4 ffnnn 4 fnff 4 fff 4 D##ff n fnn 4 fn ffnfffnff 4 nf ffn a Iff f 4 ffff a n fffffn a Dfffff a offnfnfnn0 a ,fffn O nf 4 2 n a ([email protected] J a f O onffn f 0
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