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psyc 471 october 4

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Richard Koestner

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The Relevance of Research on Expertise
to Our Everyday Lives
September 29, 2011
Types of Experience:
Deliberate practice= individualized training on tasks selected by a qualified
Has a clear focused goal on improving specific skills
Different from play is that there is no immediate social or any other
Feels hard, effortful, you are doing drills
Play= primary goal is the inherent enjoyment of the activity
Work= public performances, competitions or other performance motivated by
$Opportunity to develop a skill is limited
Erikson says
Goals are different in each
Costs are different so that problem with deliberate tasks self-control, tiring,
wearing, seems to be a limit
Most of us spend very little time doing deliberate practice, we’ll
invest time only at the beginning of our efforts
Surprising Fact
In most domains years of experience with an activity is only weakly
related to level of performance
People rarely do any practice activities once they feel comfortable and
reaching goal, instead we’ll assume that by doing our jobs and get
experience, that we’ll improve our skills
Myth that we get better the longer we do it (near 0 correlation between
amount of years and skill at task)
Accountants, therapists, medical doctors
To become a better therapist, one can observe cases and read case
studies and go to a counseling program (see a client and videotape
session to transcribe all said and to sit with supervisor and go through
Video Example of Deliberate Practice
Repetitive and get better gradually, by starting with the smaller stuff
Goal is to develop skills, not to enjoy it
If dedicated to this and do more, they are the most skilled
Danger is to go beyond especially in sports
Likely to have overtraining injuries and psychological burnout
Why is Deliberate Practice so Important?
1) goal to attend to the task and improve performance
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