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Human Motivation – Complete Lecture Notes.docx

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PSYC 471
Richard Koestner

Human MotivationClass Notes 9112012 103100 AM Notes for Midterm 1thSept 6 2012Cop notes from notebookthSept 11 2012start reading Baumeister book Recap Perspectives on ResolutionsUniversal action plan that comes with setting a goal o Focusing more attention on stimuli related to the goal o Prepare yourself to give more effort o Prepare yourself to have to persevere and overcome obstaclesNew Years Resolution o Why are we so bad at following throughObserve if youre reaching your goal monitoring your behavior make adjustmentsRequire selfcontrol strength in order to successfully reach a new goal o Sometimes you can have greater selfcontrol strength than at other timesHas to do with how much selfcontrol you have to exert throughout the day because is dissipated as the day goes onIf you want to implement new exercise or something schedule it early in the daySocial support and making things publicharder to back off the goal SMAART GoalsSpecificMeasurableAchievable under your controlRealistic or READYesp re selfefficacy o Need confidence that you can achieve itTimeframed o Many goals are distal far in the future and these dont provide helpful guidanceSomething were approaching rather than avoiding Goal SelfEfficacySelfefficacybeliefs about your ability to successfully perform certain actionsWe can construct goals to change our behavior for the future o How well will we use goals in our lifeDepends on whether our goals are linked to selfefficacyAbility to perform the necessary actions to achieve the goalTeacher cant dance sing etc but if we all did these things he might see hes not as bad as he thoughtLevel of conversational ability o Someone might think theyre better then another when they are actually the samePerson with higher selfefficacy will probably become better and betterFocus attention more affectivelyExert more effortHave more optimism in the face of obstaclesIncrease selfefficacy o Compare yourself to someone who is similar to you who has succeeded o Think of a similar activity that you succeeded at and be like how can I do this too o Framing your goals in a SMART way Two ways to overcome selfcontrol limitationsSelect or develop autonomous goals o Well benefit by not having to exercise as much selfcontrolSupport goal with implementation plans o Plan that can make goal pursuit automatic and effortless so it drains less selfcontrol reserves Autonomy the extent to which a goal reflects your developing interests and core values o can pick something you care about or pick something people say you should do o you can feel autonomous or controlledteacher couldnt speak French he wanted to but over time the controlled reasons became more salient Autonomy Goal Pursuit The Pursuit of Happiness Can there be an upward spiralWhy students were pursuing their goals autonomous or controlled reasonsAutonomy independent variable was significantly related to goal progress over the first semester o Correlation of 24What happens when you make greater progress o Your adjustment improvesSocial emotional and academic adjustmentSo students with more autonomous goals made greater progress and this was associated with greater adjustmentStudents then set more autonomous goals in the second semester more progress and better adjustment Failed NY ResolutionsNot watching too much TV is not really autonomous you love watching TV but you feel guiltyLearning French good motivation at first but then he felt controlled about itGoing to church on Sunday o Because of sense of guiltWriting 1 hour per day guilt as wellMostly controlled reasons Sixth Graders ResolutionWriting what their parents and teachers want them to sayMost of the time we dont write resolutions that seem authentic o Controlled form of motivation How I learned about implementation plansWoman gave him a water bottleSaid that he didnt have a plan Gollwitzer reading
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