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Religious Studies
EDER 521
Jerry M.Cain

-if the parietal lobe gets can cause us to not remember where we put sumthing or how we control our limb...including eyes.. -the dorsal stream has neurons that r in charge of controlling how our eyes move n how we reach for things...our hand movements.. -main idea of this was that the dorsal stream guides the actions that we do so instead of referring it to "what" and "where" n object is....its more recommended to say it measures "what" the object is and "how" it moves or performs actions if the dorsal stream has to doo with reaching for an object, then it also deals with where the object is located...since u r reaching for it n like the size oof it..physical characterisitcs dorsal stream--perception of movement knoewing whats of objects isnt enough -u need to noe the direction of movement also there have been stuides on animals which suggest that the VC is surrounded by ExtrastratiaCortex which contains neurons responsibe for movement -similar experiments in humans show that damage to this regiion of brain cud result in this disorder cant remember... actotopia or sth which is like inability to identify moving objects.. -why is perception of movement necessary cuz it can help us percieve 3d objects . -whar johanes did was related to all that black dressed ppl with lights attached to them.. it was found out that u cud see the shape of humans in it and wat actions they are doing -and a regiion is activated Sullkuss whenever people view the video of those ppl dancing around thats all n that region even became activated if ppl imagined the movements VISUAL PERCEPTION OF OBJECTS so boundaries afterall r not that important ✗gestalt psychology developed by a group of psychogists who beleived that whatever we percieve , we see it in terms of elements but we make it into full forms ✗even if we see elements of an object, we will percieve its full form ✗n this quality was very important bcuz it showed that the way our visual system works is very unique bcuz we can recognice objects even if they are not fully drawn or fuzzy ✗there r 5 laws associated with the gestalt psychology ✗proximity law says that if objects r close to each other they look like they r from same group....they look the same MODELS OF PATTERN PERCEPTION In order to form a pattern, objects in different sizez, and sequence or simultaneously can come into existance to form a patterm -templates by definition is like a basis to which sumthing more is made.. like a pattern - in our visual system the concept of template is reversed..its like it searches through the collection and matches the correct template to the stimulus..hoever some say this might not happen since then brain will have to store way too much templates protoype, which are just patterns except they are more flexible ... the reason this system works better is bcuz the way our visual system works, it already has patterns that represesnt the object we r looking wen we do look at that certain object, our visual system just recognizes it n find the best prototype that matches to wat we r looking at distinctive features.. - like set of physical features that show patterns -an experiment by Nessier showed that "perception involves analy
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