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Lecture 4

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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 202
Gerbern Oegema

Lecture 4 January 15, 2013  Abram leaves country to head for Canaan, Bethal and Egypt  Goes to Egypt and lies about his wife  Pharoh sends him off  Fight between the herds of Abram and Lot and so they go their separate ways  Lot lived in Sodom, and Abram to Mamre at Hebron  War between 4 kings and 5 kings. Abram hears that Lot is in danger and goes to save him. King of Sodom rewards him.  Lord tells abram that there is a covenant between the two of them. He blesses him and tells him he will prosper and that there will be many descendants after him.  Sarai cant have children so she has her slave Hagar have the baby for her. Then Hagar stops listening to Sarai and Sarai mistreated her so she fled. Ishmael is born. Angel of the Lord tells her to go back.  Abram becomes Abraham. Covenant of circumcision.  Sarai is going to have a child and the angels of the Lord punish the people of Mamre for being evil.  Abraham asks God not to kill the innocent people.  Angels meet Lot in Sodom and the people go after Lot because they want to beat up the three men. And Lot offers his daughters instead. The men tell Lot and his family to leave because they will destroy the city. His wife turns to salt.  Lot escapes to a cave with his two daughters. First daughter sleeps with him and has his baby and then other daughter does the same.  Abimlek, King of Gerar, tries to marry Sarai because he was told that it was Abraham’s sister. Then God punishes Abimlek and so he goes to Abraham and asks why did he deceive me. Then he realized Abraham is a prophet and so he offers him gifts.  God lets Sarai get pregnant and has Isaac.  Sarai thinks Ishmael is a bad influence and asks Abraham to send Hagar and Is
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