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Lecture 5

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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 202
Gerbern Oegema

Lecture 5 – RELG 202 1/21/2013 7:14:00 AM Summarizing Genesis 12-36  Difficult to summarize because it was an oral tradition… just generation to generation  Social context of a text is a fight between men and women.. many conflicts so the final version has to smooth out  Why is everyone so old? o In retelling some generations were probably missing  Women seem to be second string to their husbands but they are very important  Between the scribes, patriarchs and matriarchs it is like a TV drama! Family saga’s  2 main characteristics of biblical stories: o entertainment o education  promotes value of faith and trust… covenant is very personal God must trust Abraham! WORK IN PROGRESS.. kind of an experiment (things can go wrong)  family is the model of the relationship between god and Abraham  interesting sibling rivalry  if God and his people follows the model of a family.. shows that god too changes!!  In later texts they introduce wisdom as a female figure  Uses the GENRE SUMMARY to summarize biblical Israel : a summary of the history of Israel What is the religion of the Patriarchs?  Fear  Lots of cultic elements.. sacrifice then something good happens to them (sacrifice is a huge religious part) o Circumcision is kind of a sacrifice (done by the head of the family)  Large mention of
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