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Lecture 6

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Religious Studies
RELG 202
Gerbern Oegema

Lecture 6 1/28/2013 7:09:00 AM  EXODUS  Clear unity but its expanding (between Judaism and Cannonites)  What constitutes the unifying elements of this family  Same god  Same Covenants  Same journey  Historically they’re diff units of history though  Very nomadic group of people  Growing entity consisting of elements from other ethinicities  3 theories explaining the overlap between two religions  It’s a military conquest! Clear mission and clear goal (realistically would have been slower this is ideal)  Immigration model  there are people at some point that have the name Israel and slowly infiltrated cannonite religion… like prefix El carried to both religions  People could have immigrated to an area and just picked up parts of traditions  Gradual infiltration of religious concepts and traditions  Social revolution model  The take over of social religions… these people gradually infiltrated the land of Cannon.. they were living in Cannonite and because of their dominant religious practices would have pushed away and transformed the actual local religious practices  Where did moses come from… how does he promote monotheism as the king of Egypt at the same time announces the official religion  Also Monotheism ended up being more convincing than polytheism  13 thand 12 thC we have evidence of cities being destroyed and new sett
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