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Lecture 7

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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 202
Gerbern Oegema

Lecture 7 2/4/2013 7:16:00 AM Back to learning cell  These texts still function thousands of years later… we can still relate to the stories and the characters! The moral and the likeability of the characters is huge  The text wants to promote certain values and it does so through real people  Our own cultural religious background uses this text so we inherently relate… it reproduces our own values…transmits education from one generation to the next  The bible is full of real live events that we can use as examples of how to act in a similar situation o A legal aspect too! (in addition to moral, educational, values and traditional sense)  Biblical scholars use logic thinking to come to the same conclusions that we have based on text analysis Dutamystic  List of kings page 35 coursepack… texts show emphasis on kings  Dutamystic history and theoglogy sayd that we sinned and thus were punished  Why did this religion survive and others didn’t? Because god elected Israel!! Yes family and tradition and community
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