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Sean Ross

Lecture 3: Anthropomorphic to anthropocentric Creates the animals forAdam Adam is the generic term for human being in the Hebrew bible (1 creation account) God creates a man NAMED adam, and women (Eve) are made from that man (2 creation nd Account) Etiology -bible is treated as an origin story for human beings -how men and women are supposed to behave/interact with each other Adam: -personal name -derived from whatAdam is made out of (soil, mud) -prototypical human being -used as a way of understanding why human beings are the way they are -father of all humanity -father of death -930 years old -death was not inevitable (if had not disobeyed god he could have lived forever) -introduced death into the world by disobeying god -not only responsible for own death, responsible for everyone’s -not explicit in genesis 2 and 3 -everyone derived fromAdam, everyone inherits death and cause of death (transgression) and guilt -the good departed, the evil stayed (fromAdam) Disobedience (adam) vs obedience (Christ) Eve: -is eve responsible for mess? -are women naturally weaker than men? -women aren’t supposed to teach, only give birth, childbirth is eve’s punishment -source of all the earth’s suffering -comparable to Pandora -men can’t resist women -women come from close to the heart because the rib in which she was formed came from adam’s left side Serpent is often a female human being Snake is later understood to be satan as a woman Forbidden fruit is a sexual metaphor Lecture 5 In art, Isaac is often filled with fear as the artists cannot avoid giving a facial expression in paintings Abraham introduces binary Christian thinking (faith vs doing things) Is doing works necessary or is faith alone valid? Faith alone has to be expressed through what you do. Abraham obeyed god through action Abraham innately believes that he can kill Isaac and that god will give him back Isaac is a foreshadowing of Christ (restor
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