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Christianity February 16th.odt

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Religious Studies
RELG 204
Ellen B.Aitken

ChristianityChristians and their books Practices of RememberingChristians liked books they created new texts new stories They would read aloud or to themselves the scriptures of Israel The early christian communities were looking at the scriptures of Israel through lenses Jesus Communities are hearing listening and reading the scriptures of Israel and are seeing this through a prism and seeing a new creation come out the other side Gospels are using a lot of material images ideas theological concepts and stories out of the scriptures of Israel Mark thinks a lot through the stories of Elijah Matthew quotes a lot of Hebrew scripture The ancient scriptures are put to new use bent and understood differently Communities are doing this different ways meaning that there is no uniform story about Jesus people understand Jesus in different ways There are otherdifferent memories of Jesus in the New TestamentLuke the last of the four gospels to be written He tells a story after Jesus crucifixion about Jesus appearing as a stranger to his followers after rising from the dead Around 5060yrs later a roman teacher writes an apology defence speech of christianity to the Roman Emperor He describes what christians do when they gather for worship he explains that they are not going to harm anyone there will not be any acts of civil disobedience The memoirs of the apostles is debated what this means it probably means gospels or the writings of Paul It is what the apostles remembered of Jesus The combination of teaching explaining the texts and explaining what difference this makes will become the sermon Terms Psalms law prophetProclamation Kerygma it is telling the story it may be an elaborate argument that Paul is making the other activity that balances Kerygma is teachingTeaching didache it is understood as the explication of the implication The ethic that comes out of the Kerygma What
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