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Religious Studies
RELG 204
Ellen B.Aitken

How do christians regard the bibleThey regard the bible in many different ways according to different periods different denominational practicesIt is divinely inspired and humanly written What does one mean by divine inspirationSometimes it is regarded as really from the apostles contradicts our records as the bible was written sometime after the death of Jesus making it very difficult for the apostles to have written it By divine inspiration it can sometimes mean direct inspiration by god to a writerOther times one might say that the text is written by an individual or community trying to engage with GodSometimes the bible is regarded as simply containing a set of moral teachings and ethical attitudes Sometimes the bible is called the word of god in the act of readinghearing scripture there is an encounter with God The ultimate encounter with god is not a text it is Jesus When someone says the word of the lord after reading a text They mean that this process is an encounter with Jesus The Bible can be understood as revelatory revealing something about God Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God and texts help us see that and reveal that communication Texts are difficult enigmatic Hermeneutics the art of interpretation Sola Scriptura Scripture only We only do what scripture tells us it is self interpreting in contrast to other christian stances which say that we need the whole christian history as well as hum
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