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Christianity March 6th.odt

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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 204
Ellen B.Aitken

Ritual MealsEucharist Mass Communion Divine Liturgy Agape the lords Supper the holy mysteriesEucharist means thank you in Greek emphasizes that it is a thanks giving to God for the benefits the christians believe comes from God The way God continues to be present here and now Communion used in protestant churches and emphasizes the communality of the meal the sharing in the life of JesusMass you are sent forth from the meal to do the work Roman Catholics Focus on a mission on the people of God Divine liturgy Means public works work of the people Response to the benefaction of God Agape means love One of the earliest words for the meal love feast Lords supper Paul uses it in a letter to the Corinthians Foundation of the commandment of Jesus To do this meal as a way to remember him Understood as coming directly from Jesus something Jesus told them to do It is founded by Jesus as a way of having continual participationThe Holy Mysteries rights into which you have to be initiatedPaul Letter to the CorinthiansFundamental elements of the meal are bread and something to drink Body and blood of christ The sharing of the cup is the new sharing of his blood The sharing remakesrenews the covenant between god and his people Lukes accountIdentifies it as a passover meal The staple is bread and a grape derived liquid however throughout history they have used fish and other supplements There is evidence of men and women hosting the meal in the early meal Women appear to have been included at christian religious meals much easier than Greek or roman meals In the early church rituals happene
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