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SANSKRIT (TEXTUAL) TRADITIONS: Pre-Vedic and Vedic History

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Religious Studies
RELG 252
Davesh Soneji

To discussPreVedic and Vedic History1 Prevedic Indus Sindhu River Culture also called Indus Valley Civilization orHarappan Civilization36002000 BCECivilization that moved around Sindhu river complex several water streams across India Afghanistan and PakistanWe know that this was a civilization that centered around urban sites Most of these sites were temporary people would settle and then move along again later There was very complex urban system and had complicated drainage systems This is a culture that predates sanskrit so the names we know are the ones they have from later than the time they were knownOnly language in the world whose language has not been deciphered yetThe most popular image of sanskrit is found on the Indu seals Hieroglyphs are purely graphic But Sanskrit is letters and graphics combined and the letters themselves seem graphicFish symbols could mean sh or star So when they are followed by little sticks professor Asko Parpola thinks it could be a way of measuring time 1star 1nightMany statues seem to be representations of humans They were only discovered in the 20th century Image of pers
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