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THEOLOGY: Bhakti; Grace and Devotion.

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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 252
Davesh Soneji

To discuss Bhakti Grace and DevotionBhaktiFrom the root to shareCan be denes as devotion understood in a very wide sense Bhakti is at the very root of contemporary Hinduism It nds expression in nearly all dimension of living Hinduismritual myth the arts philosophy etcBhakti normally implies the idea of devotion to a god who is understood in personal terms The Upanisads were primarily restricted to men They talked of the divine based on knowledge not Love or devotionBut Bhakti is a somewhat radical ideology that often eschews differences based on castes and gender Many bhakti saints are untouchables and womenPrimary medium for disseminating bhakti ideology was mystical poetry in vernacular or popular local languagesBhakti poetry is almost always emotionally charged Poets who compose emotional bhakti texts are often referred to as saints semidivine beings who are sometimes socially subversive or antinomian mysticsdevotion is the supreme path to God Often rituals text studies In the bhakti tradition an
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