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RITUAL: The Hindu "Temple".

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Religious Studies
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RELG 252
Davesh Soneji

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To discuss The Hindu Temple Multiple PossibilitiesForm Function and Meaning of the Hindu TempleThe Hindu TempleAs we have already seen in this course temple worship is not a requirement for all Hindus Domestic shrines can also be thought of as temples of sorts In additions to local deities village Goddesses are sometimes worshipped in small makeshift or natural shrinesTemple taking up sacred space is multifacetedVillage ritual shrinesSnake worship happens also in Buddhist worshipHelper DeitiesPray to the Snake to keep away all evilAnthills associated with GoddessesTemple as TirthaSee a temple as a sacred space Tirtha comes from the root word TRI which means to cross since the temple is seen as a place crossing overA temple is also ready access to the transcendentTemples are usually located near rivers or mountains as rivers are seen as a diversion t
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