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RITUAL: Women's Rituals and Religious Lives

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Religious Studies
RELG 252
Davesh Soneji

To discuss Womens Rituals and Religious Lives Continuation of generating AuspiciousnessThis power can sometimes be generated in other ways than women tree marriage Kolam Even more waysVrataNonpuA votive observanceOften a ritual observed by women around rites of domesticity and protectionCan be weekly monthly or yearlyPrimarily observed by fasting but also characterized by ritual bathing devotional activities abstinence from sexual activityA vrata will have immediate and longterm karmic consequences Ex married woman fasting every week of her life will have consequences in next life Upper caste women are devoted to Goddess Varalaksmi embodied in a full pot on contemporary calendar By worshipping the goddess bringing her in your home you make the home permeated by auspiciousness The profs friend had an altar with a full pot with the goddesss face drawn on it It is covered in owers very prettyPossibilities Outside the brahmanic Domestic Model i
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