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Lecture 4

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Religious Studies
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

Ancestor Ritual, Rites, and Music First Ancestor and Families Each family has an ancestor that gives the members their identity Each ancestor has a virtue that is passed on The first responsibility is to have a son that will carry on the family name and its heritage Five relationships Parent-child More like father-son Husband-wife Older brother-younger brother/sister Master-servant Like a father-son relationship Friend-friend Like older/younger brother relationship In each relationship, one is superior and thus responsible for the inferior person e.g. If younger brother gets in a fight, older brother takes the blame Marriages Family alliances Personal feelings were irrelevant Responsibility to have male children Concubines If you're rich Much younger than the male Compete with the wife to have sons and make them the heir The duty of children Respect to parents Like respecting Heaven aka filial piety Kids must care for their parents, cook for them, etc The children have no life of their own but serving their parents Three ways Life: care for them Death:
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