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Lecture 2

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Religious Studies
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

The Archeological Record Oracle Bones a.k.a. Dragon bones Used to be found by farmers who would sell them to the local pharmacist 1935 A dig was undertaken and these bones were analyzed and studied Plastromancy Turtle bones Scapulamancy (omoplate) Cattle bones Used in divination Bones have a front (inside) and back (outside) side Yin and yang Hot poker applied to the back so that inscription happens on the front The crack that would happen was predicting something Charge Positive and negative statements (opposite) Prognostication The king gives his analysis Who Ruler Shaman Recorder Were the three roles played by one person or various people? One person is surely an elite Shang & Zhou Bronzes Ritual use Design motifs Clouds Dragon Animals Symmetry T'ao-t'ieh Head Two profiles, but with the line that cuts in between them, it creates a complete face Fei-yi Double profile Mirror image of two profile images that add up to one big picture Phenomenon also seen on the North American West coast Man in the mouth of a beast Man Shaman Bells 65 bells excavated in 1978 Marquis Yi of Zeng 433 BCE Shape Cylindrical outside Inside is oval Gives two tones (that aren't random) Studs on the outside Adjust the tones Inscriptions on the inside Identifies who made the bell, when, for whom, why Made for music Put into orchestras For rituals Political meaning
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