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Lecture 3

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Religious Studies
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

Government by Ritual Heaven Tian (T'ien) Shangdi = Lord on High Huangtian shangdi = August Heaven Lord on High Mandate of Heaven In theory Sends a virtuous person to govern on the world If that person doesn't do their job well, then Heaven shows its displeasure e.g. causing earthquakes, bad harvests, storms, diseases, etc In practice For the ruler Might makes right e.g. If a rich lord is jealous of the king, he can attack the king by saying that Heaven is showing its displeasure by making people rise against the king. If he succeeds, then the lord can claim he has received the Mandate of Heaven For the people Implicit right of rebellion The theory justifies your position if you succeed Natural force Makes the season go round Son of Heaven Tianzi (T'ien-tzu) The emperor or king on earth Wang = king Macrocosmic-Microcosmic Coordination Macrocosmic Great cycle of the Yin and Yang in Heaven Makes the season go round Microcosmic Humans' way of life e.g. In spring you plant, in summer you grow, in fall you harvest, in winter you wait for spring Yin Female/shade Earth Passive Cold Winter Death Submissive Yang Male/sun Heaven Active Hot Summer Life Dominant Yin Yang philosophy Cyclical change Non duality They complete each other Each side changes into the other e.g. The moon phases, the seasons Tao Te Ching Reversal is the movement of the Tao Five elements Wood Spring East Dragon Green Inner door Fire Summer South Bird Red Hearth Earth Center Dragon Yellow Inner court Metal Fall West Tiger White Outer door Water Winter North Warrior Black Well They are forces, energy, but not things/substances What they correspond to represent what you should do during what time of the year e.g. In summer, you s
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