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Lecture 13

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Religious Studies
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

Chan (Zen) Buddhism Historical Background Meditation Dhyana In Chinese, it's pronounced like Zen Zen = meditation Product of Indian Mahayana and Chinese religion SO IT DID NOT START IN INDIA Cannot be conveyed by words Developed its own set of texts Usually in Chinese poetry Timeline 50 CE Buddhism arrives in China 520 CE Bodhiharma arrives in China Bodhiharma = Zen/Chan 617-907 CE T'ang dynasty aka Golden Age of Chan Doctrine schools Practice schools 638-713 CE Sixth patriarch of Chan 845 CE Buddhist persecution 960-1279 CE Song dynasty The lineage Sakyamuni Original buddha in India 28 Indian patriarchs (28th) Bodhidharma Seng-ts'an Tao-hsin Hung-jen Hui-neng (6th patriarch) Disciples as brothers Transmission of virtue through them Shifu = teacher father Seven schools and five houses Lin-chi and Ts'ao-tung Legend of Bodhidharma Brahmin prince from India Meets Emperor Wu, the Buddhist emperor Funded various buddhist temples and monasteries Crosses Yangtze on a reed "Emptiness, nothing holy" Faced a wall for 9 years after his meet up with the emperor Hui-k'o begged him to teach him the Dharma Finally accepted when Hui-k'o cut off his left arm Verse "A separate transmission outside scripture / Not founded on words and letters / Point directly at the human mind / See one's nature and become Buddha" The enlightenment cannot be explained Zen master --> torn shoes, tattered clothing Zen mind --> When hungry he eats, when tired he sleeps Zen practice --> If the father is not strict, the son is not filial Mahayana Thought Emptiness Sunya
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