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Lecture 17

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Religious Studies
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

Early Korean Religion and Culture Modern Korea Japanese colony from 1910-1945 Korean war from 1950-1953 38th parallel divides the North and South Korea Rabbit shape countries North Korea People's Democratic Republic of Korea Choson "Land of the morning calm" Chinese perspective South Korea Republic of Korea Hanguk Historical Periods Gojoseon aka Kochoson 2333-194 BCE Paleolithic/neolithic era Pottery Comb-patterned V shape Evidence that they probably didn't have tables Also found in Siberia Mumun pottery Period 2 No design Spread to Yayoi in Japan Bronze technology and agriculture Cultural life Thatched pit dwellings Early bronze implements Evidence of a two-tired society? Pyramids Dolmen (tombs) Made of huge rocks Not nearly as sophisticated as the keyhole tombs in Japan Social life Hunthing-gathering Bronze weapons Horse rider theory Communal life Clan-based with animal totems Animistic beliefs Shamans Heaven worship Matrilineal descent? Son in law chamber
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