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Religious Studies
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RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

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Shamanism in Korea Shaman Tunguz = saman Siberian language Mudang in Korean Trance Possession --> no longer there himself, the god with whom he's communicating invades his body and speaks from the shaman's mouth Flight --> looks like he drops unconscious and during that time the spirit of the shaman is gone and has gone into a journey to visit different souls Hereditary Most shamans are women in Korea, and thus the daughter of a shaman becomes shaman herself Initiated Usually a woman who has been weak/sick her whole life, then she's cured by a mudang and decides to become one herself Features of Shamanism The other world resembles this world Dressing in yangban robes, holding a trident or a sword The other world is supposed to be a bureaucratized environment, th
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