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Lecture 18

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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

Buddhism in the Koryo Intro 935-1392 Korea unified under Silla and Parhae Mongolian invasion towards the end Barbarian clan From central Asia Considered to be distinct from Chinese They set up their own Chinese Empire Huge impact on politics and culture Unification Khitan (Mongols) and Liao (Chinese empire under Mongols) invade Kaegyong (capital) twice, but beaten back Jinghiz Khan invasion Truce in 1259 Koryo is a vassal state to China (1231) 1368, Mongols are defeated in China Taejo The Great Progenitor Ancestor worshipping Wang Geon = King 6 queens Married the daughter of every single clan leader Construction capital city Kaegyong Master of diplomacy One Koryo vs three kingdoms Religion Shamanic religion Sinkyo Confucianism Chinese style bureaucracy and legal code Academy examination Civil service system Ideally, it is a meritocracy Conflict with the idea of the Bone Rank system Public and private academies Ritual (Confucian) Civil admin is superior to military Buddhism Not discrete categories; very inclusive Each one is related to the others Social Structure Four classes Upper Royal clan Scholar officials Middle Civil and military officials Lower Free peasants Inferior Unfree (slaves) They do the dirty work Economic Life Land not commerce No cash economy Land grants No private property The lands belong to the government Inheritance Property divided equally
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