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Sept 17 - Hindu Marriage and Procreative Sexuality.doc

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Religious Studies
RELG 356
Davesh Soneji

Sept 17Hindu Marriage and Procreative Sexualityexam up untl the Menski readingtodays lesson focuscentral importance that marriage holds in uppercaste Hindu religious historymarriage symbolism is ubiquitous even in cultures where marriage may not be the central goal the symbolism surrounding it is pervasiveemphasis on centrality of marriage and procreative sexuality can be seen in early Vedic and Upanisadic textual materialsagricultural allegory Upanisadic womenfield manseedrefers to old Vedic fire sacrifices as wellVedic fire sacrifice is the paramount religious activity therefore to link the sexualfertility symbolism to Vedic fire activity shows its significance the fire sacrifice itself is at the heart of the marriage ceremonypresence of dampati couple is exceedingly important for the efficacious performance of Vedic ritual necessitated in the presence of the patron of the sacrificer and his wifenecessary elements of the fire sacrificein this period this fsacrf could not take place without wifein orthodox hindu temples the priest necessarily had to be married the priest performing the rituals on behalf of someone else embodies all the symbolism of a fire sacrificeSamskaraVivaha Marriage rites one of the most important marriage and death always occupies centralmost prominent placesamskara refers to any rite of passage birth of child wedding etc any life eventscycles
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