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November 7, 2013 – Devadasis- .doc

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Religious Studies
RELG 356
Davesh Soneji

November 7 2013DevadasisGandhi Related DevadasisEssentially in order to participate in the nation and the public sphere women had to prove or establish their sexual purity according to the standards of Gandhian Hindu moralityFollowing Gandhis advice Yamini Purnatilakam another woman whose ancestors were devadasis began to create rehabilitation centers for devadasis called Saranalayams centers of refuge in the year 1922 They were set up in Madras and other towns and women would be brought into the centers from rural parts of South India They saw to the moral vocational and literary instruction of the inmates to wean them away from their traditional lives the vocational part of the instruction consisted of spinning weaving basketmaking and gardening Bangalore NagarathnamRadhika SantvanamuBangalore Nagaratnammal 18781952woman who signed a petitionoIn an act of defiance she published a text oResponsible for reprinting Radhika Santvanama by Muddupalani a previous courtesan also a leading member of the Madras Devadasis Association oLater people found this text morally offensive It wasnt just the context but because it was written by a woman from the courtesan community it created a huge stir oBritish actually deleted parts of it outthere was an official ban on in the 20th century that banned this text by the British governmentoIn the 1920s Bangalore had this text received and reinserted the obscene sections and had it published and circulated This happened a year or two before Muthulakshmis petition Pariyar the nonBrahmin MovementCaste
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