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Oct 22 - Karaikkal Ammaiyar.doc

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Religious Studies
RELG 356
Davesh Soneji

Oct 22Karaikkal Ammaiyarbhaktidevotional Hinduism early female poetic voicebhajto sharecan be defined as devotion understood in wider sensefinds epxresion nearly all dimensions of living Hinduismritual myth arts philossomewhat radical idology that often eschews differences based on caste and gendermany bahkti saints are untouchables and women primary medum for disseminating bhakti ideology was mystical poetry in vernacular or popular local languagesbhakti poetry is almost always emotionally chargedpoets who compose emotional bhakti texts often revered as saints poets themselves are often revered as semidivine beings who are socially subversive or antinomian mysticsin bhakti traditions devotion is supreme path to godoften rituals text studies and other forms of religiou action are completely abandoned in bhakti cultureinstead singleminded devotion ecstatic singing and dancing and often the mere recitation of the name of God become the path to moksa god may be addressed as a child a parent friend or loverunion with the Absolute is expressed in emotional or often corporeal termserotic devotion is perhaps one of most common idiomsEarly Tamil Bhaktic 6th to 10th centuries CE12 Alvarsvaisnava 63 NayanarsSaiva
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