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Religious Studies
RELG 356
Davesh Soneji

Oct 24 Review from last classwhat is bhakti ultimate devotion other forms of devotion put asidewherewhen does bhakti begin South India around 6th10th CElater travels to North IndiaEarly Tamil Bhakti12 Alvars Vaisnavaworshippers of Visnu Nalayira Divya Prabandham Four thousand Sacred Compositions10th CE63 Nayanars Saivaworshippers of SivaTirumurai Sacred Tradition 10th CEAntalthe only female alvar c 9th centuryAuthor of two major poems in the Nalayira Divya Prabandham1Tiruppavai Sacred Vow2Nacciyar Tirumoli Sacred Words of our Respected LadyAntals HagiographyBorn in Srivilliputtur Tamil Nadushe is said to have been found as an infant under a basil or tulsi plant by her father who worked as a gardener for the local Vishnu templefrom a young age she was devoted to Vishnu and would make and then wear the garlands meant for him before they were placed around his necktaking that garland herself she is positing herself asequal to deityproblematicofferings to deities should never be those that were previously used by humans
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