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Oct 29 - Devadasis in South India- Social Organization and Performance Practices.doc

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Religious Studies
RELG 356
Davesh Soneji

Oct 29Devadasis in South India Social Organization and Performance Practicesdevadasi lit Servant of God has bhakti undertonesname itself is problematic word became pop during colonial period and came to refer to groups of women who were identified by nonconjugal sexuality in all parts of Indiacame to recognize many diff groups of very diff women also had associations with temples sometimes so it became a metaterm that grouped many women togetherour focus will be on devadasicourtesans from Tamil and Teluguspeaking regions of South India are very diff from other groups identified by term devadasi such as the jogatis of Karnatakaconflated with diff types of histories glossing overproblematicour focus includes bhogam kalavantulutevaratiyal tacikal Colonial Observations Heathenism Immorality Rescueanother problem become objects of observation fascination and fetishization sexualized Reginald Heber Bishop of Calcutta 1829abhors the dancing girl and represents all hideousness or hideous idolatry of all Indic traditions
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