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Impact Evaluation: A Basic Introduction

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Uli Locher

Impact Evaluation A Basic Introduction The Four Parts of an Impact Evaluation1 Understanding the program Understanding the program theory utilization plan organization plan 2 Preparing the impact evaluation Select standards impact indicators all other indicators3 Collecting information Collect existing statsbaseline data interviewsfocus grps survey data4 Interpreting impact Quantifying impact interpreting impact convincingly formulating recommendationsStep 1 Understanding the Program Theory Program impact theoryset of statementsassumption about how program services are supposed to affect the target populationalways about causality of expected impactCausalitycorrelationtime sequencelogical connection Best practices formulate program impact theory in writingdiscuss wall stakeholders esp windivids who have deep empirically based understanding of target pop Ex if want to hand out food aid through school feeding programsIf give malnut children food will improve academic performance Or can improve school quality w for infrastruc for teaching booksalso imp academic perfTogether want to improve academic perfgraduation ratesproduc human capital Step 2 Program Utilization Plan
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