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Theories of Development

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Uli Locher

Theories of Development Modernization Theory - Evolutionary process (medicine, religion, agriculture, transportation) - Increasing division of labour = critical step in modernization - Increasingly rational exchanges b/w nats = critical (Max Weber) - Modz + econ growth s/how linked, multi-dimensional - Beg’g = pre-modern stage, traditional soc - End is more diff to def  is end right now? - If end was yesterday, what is happening now? Post-modern? Stagnation of mod state of things? Are we more modern than before? - Cyril Black’s Theory of Development: The Five Dimensions - 1) Intellectual: science applied e/day processes/increasing understanding + control of environ  Renaissance: time when this was happening in a dramatic way  Printing press: made knowl more accessible, spread modernization - 2) Political: centralization, democracy  Movement away fr/small tribal units into much larger units  Increasing centralization of state (states rely participation to pay taxes)  democracy  Consolidation in larger empires - 3) Economic: specialization, capitalism  Savings in a formal sense  Strong econ growth needs risk taking, investment  Early: people had savings in form of animals - 4) Social: urbanization, public health, cultural progress  Econ growth = specialisation = urbanz  If urban pop not involved agricul, involved in s/thing else  Allows cities to propagate more urban, modern lifestyle  Opportunities become more equal  Cities have many ethnic backgrounds, social circles for ppl to play off of  Books, radios, sports: radio allows ppl absorb modernization  Significant demographic change w/increasing public health - 5) Psychological: individualism, mobility aspiration  Instead of collective orientation of life, become more individual in interests (creative)  Less stability  more competition b/w individs  Process that’s simult creative + destructive of traditionalism  conflict = inevitable  Loss of identity  multiplicity - Great concern to identity when things are happening - Modern soc: nation-state, rational, sci-oriented, centrally gov, rich - Talking about mod W state  totally W centred approach - Main crit Black’s: modernization = westernization - Non-Communist Manifesto (Walt Rostow) - Very deterministic, 1 way modz can happen, very optimistic - Internat aid in Black’s scheme: used to make poor nats more W  For Rostow: emph is diff  on investment, aid transforms econs more than anything else  If can inject capital into key
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