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Lecture 1

SOCI 254 Lecture 1: 1-10-2017 What is Development

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McGill University
Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Amm Quamruzzaman

What is Development-SOCI 254-1/10/2017 What is Development Definitions -More than just social change, because social change is a natural process while development requires effort -Usually relates to economics -Has to do with an end goal and thus becomes a project of betterment -Development is like a guiding star for policymaking but more like a shooting star -Losing its energy over time as a project Development Paradoxes -McMichael says today’s project is about how we survive the future vs how to improve the past -Requires strategic endeavor to reverse our ecological footprint because we have overshot the earth’s bio capacity -We are overshooting how much the earth can support -As populations grow and consumption increases we must measure nature’s capacity -We are probably consuming and wasting more than we need, which hurts everybody -We have crossed 3/9 designated planetary operational boundaries -For example, we need more than the Earth can provide if things continue at this rate -Climate change, biodiversity, and the nitrogen cycle have crossed -Freshwater use and oceanic acidification are close to tipping points -Environment’s paradox: We are doing better as a society while the Earth is doing worse and worse -Last century has created hugely negative effects -Other development paradoxes related to this include -The costs of environmental issues are borne disproportionately by the poor -The cost of climate change adaptation would be greater if we wait for higher wealth to solve it Impossibility Theorem -Universalization of high mass consumption economy will require several planet Earths which is improbable -Environment cannot absorb unrelenting exploitation and development as we know it is destroying itself -Are local low-Carbon cultures that live with nature backward? -Are non-Western cultures judged poor in what makes Western cultures rich? Development Through Phases Colonial -1492-1940 starting with Columbus -The first phase of development -Supported through colonial powers who were greedy and self-centered -Created a system of dependency -Civilized/uncivilized designations were big Development Project -1940-1980 -Attending decolonization of former colonies -Development was internationally orchestrated program of nationally situated economic growth across the Cold War divide -Where terms like first and third world came from Globalization Project -1980-now -Neoliberal economic policy spreading worldwide, nationalglobal -Makes states servants of markets Colonial Origins -Development had its origins in the European colonial project which was based on slavery for industrial purposes -While global in origin, the concept focused on European success and accomplishment -Equated development with industrialization and urbanization -Clas
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