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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Uli Locher

General InformationProf Uli LocherOffice LEA 820 hours Monday 24IntroductionHaiti 2010 earthquake January 10 2010Force 70230000 fatalitiesGovt Response institutional collapseDemographic Response 50 of inhabitants move elsewhereChile 2010 earthquake February 27 2010Force 88525 fatalities Government Response rapid mobilizationDemographic Response no migration reported the epicentre in Chile was further awayChilean quake happened during the night many buildings especially institutional buildings unoccupiedgreat difference in the functioning of the state Chile has working institutionsmuch better emergency response a functioning state which actually can enforce some rules and regulations for building codes Haiti was unprepared Chile was preparedinstitutional weakness explains the total wreck of Haiti long line of human error makes disaster part of natural disaster happenHaiti straddles tectonic plates Haitis state in an extractive mechanism a predatory state that strips the country of resources for the use of the privileged elitethe notion of services to citizens doesnt exist Development as Vision Process and ProgramVision conventional aid civilizing teacher showing the natives something technology transfer from North wealthy to South poordirection of the development desired is from low to high ideological agenda always present image of Christian missionaries Program political development and aidCastro and comessage from outside designed to totally restructure the content and the context are different from conventional aid but many similarities too both images produce a new man for a new worldwords used both in Christian literature and in Karl Marx workswin their hearts and minds eliminate or convert problem ppl Program military aidhave to wipe out opposition before development can beginsimilar to an armed incursion in how they roll into town The Vision humanneeds centred development approaches human needslow level of material povertylow level of unemploymentrelative equalitydemocratization of pol lifetrue national independencegood literacy and education levelsequality for women participation by womensustainable ability to meet future needshuman securityhuman capacityfreedomslife sustenancedignityhuman development index HDIsafety for life health education reproductionwhat is controversial is how to implement the Visioneducational development means training teachers and building schoolsbut should we build them if they become targets to the Talibanshould be stay politically neutralhelp fight pol battlesshould we first eliminate exploitative structures and conflict before development or is development work just that armed interventionThe Process two views of social changemodernization key con
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