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SOCI 254
Uli Locher

Imperialismwhat is the legacy of empires and colonieswhat does this do later on after they endempireextensive political structuremade up by various states and ethnic groupsruled ny monarch or oligarchy larger than a state not as homogeneous maintained bydirect conquestsimperial force and standing armies to ruleterritorial empire more or less fixedno great expansion once establishedindirect conquestsindirect exercise of powerhegemonic empirenot fixed ready to expand advantagesterr empirehigh costs but brings in more moneycontrol things directlysqueeze out overhead hegemonic empiremuch more flexibilityamazing tendency to survive a long timeamorphous go with the flow colonial empiresSp Port Br Fr etcpartition of Africa Spanish Empire at its peak was very vast Partition of Africa19thClargest chunk owned by Frmost of West Africa commonalitiesnot contiguousEuropean mother countries were far away hegemoniclimited mil forcehuge cultural differences between colonizers and indigenous poptechnology differences direct control only of a few cities the coastal onesbecause colony is extractive mechanism how do you run an empire and make sure you can extract resources without knowing the languageneed translatorsneed collaboration with local eco elitesneed to mobilize army groups ag each other with small standing armies of locals must train a local economic and political and military elite which you hope is loyal to you emergence of ppl who are qualified and can deal with the colonized people local elites will turn on you when it is to their advantageadministrative and military necessity makes you train the people who will do you inthe builtin contradiction to colonial empires differences in technologyie showdown at Karamahlka in Peruvian Highlandsexecution of Atahuallpa 1533Spanish had the best maritime technologyguns steel weapons vastly superiorhorsesstrategySpanish empire then lasted 300 years technologyincluding administration and literacythey were too far ahead in all sectors Colonialism16thC Crisis of Feudalismcolonial rule in Caribbean and Latin America crisis of feudalism in EuropeEuro pol structures were in transition those classes of ppl who lived off the feudal system suddenly lost some of their monopoly warsemergence of new states Euro economies largely agrarian stillepidemics the Renaissance then furnished the necessary tech 17thC and 18thCMercantilist Expansion slaves and whale oil same ships usedplantation economies merchants triangular tradetrade and investment19th and 20thC Industrial Capitalism industrial phasefeudal colonialism of Sp loses outinvest build plantations build up somethingcapitalist operation sugar revolution Barbados especiallyt
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