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Lecture 3

Lecture 3- Colonial Origins of Development.pdf

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Uli Locher

The Analytical Frame of Chpt 10 Acemoglu et althe colonial arrangement has a very heavy influence on what happens later onlink bw col env and todays prosperity disease environmentEuropeans invested heavily several times built a capital city then had to abandon because life there was not possiblewhether they could function in disease env or not developed strategieswould not send settlers if not good land keep it simply extractive colony sometimesEuropean settlementmake mini Europecompanies agri institutions etcif all you want is extractive the institutions you build up are very different than those you would make if you have your own people actually settling therearmed guards mil hierarchy vs little schools infirmaries pol structures with settler participation selfgovtone of the most imp things was to protect property rightsdiversified setups investment in physical and human capital let to sustainability and some independence from euro powers colonization strategysome development of colonial states in predatory statessome development of colonial states into service colonies quality of institutionsphysical and human capitalincome leveltrial and error for Europeans BUT exclusive use of eco indicators not very satisfactoryno real proof of the causality on the neg side the argument is very convincingon the pos side not so muchworks best for the extreme cases ieUSCongo Neocolonialismcritique ofactual coleco imperialismresource extractions by MNCspol dominancecultural patterns maintaining dependence the originsLenincapitalism leads to imperialismNkrumahimperialism leads to neocolonialismChe GuevaraAs long as imperialism exists it will by definition exert its domination over other countries Today that domination is called neocolonialismrevolution ag itContext Cold WarprogramCastro and Guevara in Latin Amsuccessful example FRELIMO in Mozambique The Problem The Legacy of Colonialismeco models cannot be changed wo great costHaitians successful revolted and then just made more plantations elit
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